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1. Introduction of Department of Urban Planning

Harbin Institute of Technology city planning is one of the city planning major domestic earlier established.

In 1958, the HA Xiongwen create Harbin Industrial University urban and rural planning department, is the first in China to set up schools in urban and rural planning research direction of.

In 1984, was granted the right to the city planning and design disciplines, master's degree.

In 1985, an undergraduate major in city planning, school system for four years.

In 1989, the city planning professional school system for five years.

In 1998, the first batch of city planning through the national higher professional education assessment.

In 1999, approved by the Ministry of education, the two disciplines of city planning and design as one of the key subjects of the Ministry of construction.

In 2003, the urban and rural planning and design disciplines obtained doctorate granting, began to recruit doctoral student in the urban and rural planning and design.

In 2004, the school of architecture was established in the Department of urban planning; urban planning professionals through the National Higher School of urban planning education evaluation reassessment.

In 2007, city planning was named Heilongjiang Province ordinary college undergraduate major.

In 2010, city planning again through the national professional education assessment.

In 2011, urban and rural planning become a subject.

In 2011, the sustainable development of urban and rural construction discipline group "approved" 1025 "group of key disciplines in Heilongjiang province.

In 2012, the urban and rural planning science doctoral level, authorized to confer master's degree, with urban and rural planning disciplines post doctoral research station.

Urban planning undergraduate education and urban planning and design professional master graduate student education in 199820042010 three times in the year with outstanding achievements through the national urban planning professional education assessment. In 2012, Ministry of education, the third round of academic assessment, the discipline of urban and rural planning ranked tied for eighth. Architectural schools for a long time uphold rigorous scholarship, expertise in the cultivation of cultural spirit, with a reasonable structure, in the prime of life, full of vigor and vitality, the courage to forge ahead of the teaching, scientific research team. College in undergraduate education, graduate training and scientific research, distinctive features, remarkable achievements, for Architectural Education in our country has made great contribution to.

2. School running thoughts and training objectives

Thought of running school:

(1) relying on Large Civil Engineering Department of architecture group and the school of architecture existing four level subjects (urban and rural planning science, a level disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and Design) formed group to build a platform, adhere to and highlight the advantages of traditional form and space planning, integrated, multidisciplinary resources, realize the professional education of "thick foundation, emphasis of characteristic.

(2) based on the school of Architecture (including Academy of design of urban planning and Design Research Institute) and "houses of the integration platform of Harbin Institute of architectural design and Research Institute, in teaching, the combination of scientific research and practice mode to achieve professional theoretical knowledge, comprehensive practice ability, innovation ability and professional morality of comprehensive training, professional education of strong practice and innovation".

(3) for academic and industry development trend, based on the northeast area geographical characteristics and development needs, relying on internal and external multidisciplinary resources, construction has open and inclusive "coherence discipline, to discipline construction as a leader, to scientific research as the focus, and ultimately to achieve the advantage transformation, improve the quality of personnel training, to achieve the talent cultivation as the fundamental nature of the University and professional education" composite "and" social services, "the talent training goal.

(4) implement school building "a world class university", relying on college school grade two international cooperation and exchanges in the management and support system, from the building of the contingent of teachers, the quality of personnel training, the level of scientific research and discipline platform construction upgrade all aspects of professional international water flat.

Training target:

The professional training with a solid basis of urban and rural planning and design theoretical knowledge and practical ability, with a sense of social responsibility, team spirit, innovative thinking, an international perspective and the concept of sustainable development, respect of local history and culture, in the professional design institutions, management institutions, research institutions engaged in urban and rural planning and design and related to the development and management, research and education, the discipline of urban and rural planning of advanced composite talents.

3. Characteristics of the teaching plan

(1) Transmission characteristics of education, and actively expand -- take "space" as the core, to design courses for the spindle, the open teaching system construction.

(2) Learning ability, delegate to fish -- to learning ability as the goal, to build the combination of production, education and research, research teaching system.

(3) The cultivation of innovation ability, in high school -- taking innovation ability as the goal, to strengthen college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education.

(4) The expansion of the international platform, the built - in view of the construction of teaching system under the circumstances of globalization.

(5) For the local needs, teaching system and society -- construction has the geographical characteristics of the course.

4. Faculties

 (1) full-time teachers

26 urban planning undergraduate professional full-time teachers. Among them, tutor of doctoral students of 10 people, master's tutor 18, a professor for 10 people (including 1 researcher), 10 associate professors, 6 lecturers, with 24 PhD teachers, teachers, rate of 92.3%. Including "Teaching Department of education in the new century talent" a.

In recent years, the introduction of Taiwan University scholars engaged in urban ecology and urban traffic, the University of California, Berkeley, a (duration of employment for three years), two regional planning and Policy Research of PhD graduates, Harbin Institute of technology and the University of Sheffield, UK joint training doctoral graduate student a, regional planning, urban and rural planning and management, laws and regulations study is adjunct professor of senior three (part-time doctoral tutor two).

(2) the learning situation

In 2010, in support of funding for school personnel, and the University of Sheffield, UK established overseas cooperation base, the college has a visiting scholar, Department of architecture, agenda and young backbone teachers to Sheffield University; in addition, the college teachers are encouraged to go to the international first-class university academic exchange and access. In recent five years, there have been seven teachers was obtained from the national study Fund Council funding, to the United States and Britain was a visiting scholar training. At the same time, further strengthen the internationalized school running characteristics, and the United States, Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Israel, the world First-class University Department of South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong maintain inter School Science Technical exchanges, in recent years has more than 100 overseas scholars to our hospital joint design, lecturing, cooperation in scientific research, in this process, teachers level has been greatly improved.

(3) the situation of part-time teachers

Harbin Institute of Technology Institute of architectural design and urban planning design and Research Institute of excellent designers and planners is the excellent resources of Architecture Professional part-time teachers team. At the same time, School of architecture, hired a number of Academy of engineering, domestic renowned architect and international famous architects let our college part-time professor, Professor Emeritus, contract professors.